From residential equipment to large building chillers the basic systems are the same.  The equipment will only operate as well as it is maintained and the quality of the technician servicing it.  Diagnosing equipment properly the first time is the most important part of the service.  Our technicians never stop training and are always learning how to improve their skills to diagnose better and improve their performance. 

R.E.E. Mechanical is Hiring!


Replacing equipment cost a lot of money. It is the most expensive appliance in the home and the most neglected because you never think about it. Having it installed properly is the first step to how your system will perform for the next 10 years. If you already had your equipment installed by another contractor and are wondering if it was installed properly call us. We can provide a full survey with pictures and recommendations on how to proceed.



Performing consistent maintenance and upkeep on your equipment is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your unit. The small cost of maintenance will save hundreds if not thousands in repairs due to improper or no maintenance being performed. 80% of all service calls that are placed could have been avoided from proper maintenance.


Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

There are thousands of companies that are able to replace your air conditioning and heating systems.  Out of thousands, a handful of companies are able to install them professional, clean, and with pride.  Professional workmanship and passion for the industry excels us to the top of that list.  We guarantee a professional installation every time.  A quality control inspection is included free of charge with every installation to insure our installations are installed to Industry Standards, Code and R.E.E. Mechanical Standards.  If anything is found unsatisfying by our Quality Control Team we return to make sure it is corrected.

Service & Maintenance

Starting in the HVAC industry as commercial contractors we understand the importance of service and repair.  Having an entire building counting on you to get a unit operating is a lot of pressure.  Believe it or not having a uncomfortable living space is even more pressure than that.  Having technicians that have huge passion for people and the industry on our team makes them the perfect solution to give you the best advice on what to do with your equipment.

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